2000 -Physicians Guide to Third Party and Other Uninsured Services
ADBUSTERS- Culture Jammer Headquarters
Applied Research and Analysis Directorate (ARAD) - Health Policy Research Program
Applied Research and Analysis Directorate (ARAD)- Successful Applicants
BC eye doctors - Links
Buffalo MRI & CT - What is MRI
Canada Health Act Court Case
Canadian Tax Foundation
CAR Publications
Center for Economic and Policy Research
Centre for Economic Policy Analysis - Research papers
chapters.indigo.ca - Indigo Books & Music Inc.
CKCU Ottawa Folk Festival
CMA Election Home
COG Ottawa Organic Food Directory 2004
Conferences iHEA International Health Economics Association
CORA - Queen's Recently Released Public Surveys
CSDMS - ultrasound
CSPS - Research and University Relations, Publications by Product Line
Flyermall.com - Get informed, compare, and make your decision for your shopping needs
Gmail - Inbox
halloween tombstones - humor and jokes about holidays
Health - OPSEU - Social Services  Developmental Services
Health 2010Table of Contents
Health Canada - Disclosure of Travel and Hospitality Expenses
Health Care - Estimates, Plans and Performance
Health Care papers
Health Economics
Health Indicators Building Blocks for Health Situation Analysis
Health Indicators
Health Law Institute - What's New in Health Law
Home, Dept. of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, UofT
HPME - Deber, Raisa
International SOS - Medical, security & emergency evacuation assistance for travelers
joe shebib's Page on 1UP.com
Life Line Screening Newsletter
MCHP Report Download Page 2001-2004
Media - The Medical Reform Group of Ontario
Medical Reform Group The Benefits of Not-for-Profit Delivery of Health Care
Ministry - Audio
ministry 2004
Monster Page of Halloween Project Links
N C H S - 2004 Fact Sheet - First Joint Survey of Health in Canada and the United States Shows Both Countries Report High Level
National Bureau of Economic Research
New Page 1
OEM Express!
OHA HealthAchieve2004
ONTARIO ================= Official Report of Debates (Hansard)
Ontario Health Coalition -- Home
opt in opt out flood article http--collection.nlc-bnc.ca-100-201-300-cdn_medical_association-cmaj-vol-164-issue-6-pdf-pg825.pdf
opted out physician Communiques
P3 Watch Home
Panasonic PV-GS400 Camcorder Review - MiniDV Camcorders - Panasonic Camcorders - Camcorder Reviews - Consumer Camcorders - Camc
Party Time Rentals - Caterers
Payments for care at private for-profit and private not-for-profit hospitals a systematic review and meta-analysis -- Devereau
phD Profile
PIL news releases
public private debate - Longwoods Publishing Corporation
Public-Private Partnerships (3Ps)
Quebec health insurance RAMQ - Databanks
QuickTime - Upgrade
rediff.com The news homepage
rotator cuff tear, tendonitis, impingement, injury, problem, pain
SDCFB1024A10 Sandisk 1GB Compact Flash Card in Canada at TigerDirect.ca
Senate papers - Flood, Stable, etc.
Statistics Canada Health Indicators - Overview
The Cochrane Collaboration
The fctcf September 2004 Archive by thread
The Medical Reform Group of Ontario
The Source Public Management Journal - Contents
UNISON the public service union - Campaigns
UNISON the public services union - At work Health
Welcome to CCOHTA
Welcome to the Training Report
Whats New - Quoi de neuf
XS Cargo


How to Build a Fence
No Frills Fence - 6' Privacy w-Lattice


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Beats of Rage
Best Dreamcast Games of 2000 - Game Revolution
BeyBlade UK
Cdcovers.cc - World's Largest Cover Archive
Connect to Playstation 2 Online with Rogers Hi-Speed Internet!
CSA - Kindergarden and Elementary
DC Burning - 10 Easy Steps
DLTK's Main Pokemon Section
Dreamcast Emulation - An idea started, and still going with pride.
FAQs Ty the Tasmanian Tiger Walkthrough-FAQ
Free Animated GIFS
GameBoy Dev'rs - What's New
GameFAQs Enter the Matrix - FAQs and Guides
Mario Kart FAQ 1
MegaGames - The Hardcore Gaming Experience
modchip x-ecuter x2lite x2pro xecuter matrix cheapmod xbox premod pre-mod toronto canada
Neoseeker - Games Reviews, Previews and Resources Index Playstation 2
PC Review - Free Old Games for Your New PC
Pikachu Images - small
Review of GBXChanger+Dr.GB 64M Cartridge
Rogers Hi-Speed Games
The Big Book of Gamecube, all you need to know about the GC Updated 09-21-03 - GameCube - GameSpot Forums
Thrustmaster FreeStyler Board - Joystick Review
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 Cheats, guides, walkthroughs, and resources indexed from around the net
Welcome to the EA SPORTS Nation
Yu gi oh - Playstation
[ Max Console ] The Ultimate Console Gaming Resource
?????????? ????????? ??????????? ?????? - Russian Table Hockey Federation

Health - CHA

1999-08-01 Press Release Ensuring A Healthy Future For Canadians
2002 Report of the Auditor General of Canada - 2002 Status Report - Chapter 3
2003 Regionalization Conference Documents-Documents de la conférence 2003
A Closer Look
Administration - Canada Health Act
alberta - http--www.health.gov.ab.ca-resources-publications-index.html
Alberta - Waitlist Home Page
Alberta Health & Wellness Care -- Complaints
BC - End of Arbitration In Contravention of Canada Health Act - News Release March 2002 - BC Medical Association
BC - MSP - Billing Procedures for Physicians
BC - Wait Times Trends
BC MSP - Fee-for-Service Payment Statistics
Begin paper on changing the CHA
Canada Health Act Summit
Canadian Health Coalition
Canadian Institutes of Health Research Instituts de recherche en santé du Canada
Canadian Medical Association Journal
canadian medical labs - CML - annual reports
Canadian Policy Research Network-- CPRN
Canadian Policy Research Network
Canadian Pre-Paid Medical Plan™
Charter Health Fund
Chepa -- Centre for Health Economics and Policy Anaylysis
CHSPR - Centre for Health Services & Policy Research
Circular No. A-133 -- Audits of States, Local Governments, and Non-Profit Organizations
COS Expertise Profile
Council of the Federation - Conseil de la Fédération -- Canadian Social Research Links
Council of the Federation
cric.ca - Canada's Portal - Polls
CSBE - Rapports
eCMAJ -- Busche 164 (2) 178-a
eCMAJ -- Table of Contents (March 2 2004, 170 [5])
eCMAJ -- Woolhandler and Himmelstein 170 (12) 1814
EPA Information on whole body scanning
Essays.cc - The Underminding Of The Canada Health Act
Federal Support for Health Care The Facts (Updated February 2003)
Federal Support for Health Care The Facts (Updated October 2003)
Friends of Medicare - The Case Against Private, For-Profit Hospitals
Full Body Scanning
Health Authorities - Ministry of Health Services
Health Canada - Health Care Network - Equity and Responsiveness
Health Canada - Health Policy Summit 2004 - Moving Healthcare Forward in Canada
Health Canada - It's Your Health - Whole Body Screening using MRI or CT Technology
Health Canada - National Forum on Health - Striking a Balance Working Group Synthesis Report
Health Consultant Network
Health Edition Online
Health Insurance Act - R.R.O. 1990, Reg. 552
Health news - Whats New - Quoi de neuf
HealthPolicyMonitor Homepage
Healthscreen Bringing Technology to Healthcare
HealthyCanadian.com - Welcome
HPM Health & Wellness Locations and Contacts
http--www.health.gov.sk.ca-msb_phy_pymt_sch-PPS_04_2003-April 1, 2003 - Newsletter.pdf
Index - OHA Publications
Insight Information Co.
Institute for Research on Public Policy (IRPP)
Kingston Health Coalition
lawyers - Health
Legal Opinion Concerning the Privatization of Insured Health Care Services and NAFTA (Canadian Union of Public Employees)
Legislative Assembly of Ontario. Library
Market for BC hospitals (US document)
Markham Rehabilitation Network
Martin uses private clinic
Medcan Health Management Inc. - Keeping busy people healthy
Merck Frosst - Pollara - Health Policy
MOHLTC - Providers - Ontario Health Insurance - Schedule of Benefits for Physician Services
MSSS - Documentation - Publications
muskeg lake
Networc Health Inc.
Newfoundland - Information for Beneficiaries
NS - Legislation Resources
OHIP Billing & Medical Practice Management Visual Practice XP Edition
Ontario Health Coalition -- Home
Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care - Health Care Providers Section
Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care - Public Information - Ontario Health Insurance Plan - Travelling Outside Canada
Orleans Urgent Care Center Home
P.A. Douglas & Associates
p3 in uk
P3 Research
Partnership for Care Scotland's Health White Paper contents page
PEI -- Temporary Absences from Prince Edward Island
PEI - Prince Edward Island List of Statutes
Pfizer Forum.com
Premiers' Council on Canadian Health Awareness
Presentation by Dr. Arnold S. Relman to the Senate Committee looking at Health Reforms
Private financing, private delivery. Two tier health care A presentation to a National Healthcare Leadership Conference Panel
PROCREA Cliniques
Profit is not the cure - Maude Barlow on Medicare
Province of Manitoba Manitoba Health InfoHealth Guide
Province of Manitoba Manitoba Health Manitoba Health Services Insurance Plan
Quebec - Aujourd'hui la santé
Quebec health minister -- MSSS Ministère
Quinte MRI - Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Regionalization and health
Saskatchewan Health - Coverage
SCANNING FOR PROFIT Private MRI, CT clinics undermine Medicare, drive up costs
SUFA - Social Union Framework Agreement
Superbuild - Health and Long-Term Care
The Canada Health Act Overview and Options (94-4E)
The Canadian Travellers' Report Card - Government of Canada
The Clinic, 416-972-9000
The Health of Canadians The Federal Role - Final Report
The Medical Post Online
The Medicare Debate in Canada - Canadian Social Research Links
Welcome to Imaging Care Centre!
Welcome to Millennium Technology Inc. - Developers of the Virgo Open MRI System
What's New
Whole Body Scanning Using Computed Tomography (CT)
Whole Body Scanning


Altberta - legislation governing billing
BC - Billing Procedures for Physicians
Canada - http--www.physicianhr.ca-reports-literatureReviewGapAnalysis-e.pdf
Manitoba Health -- Medical Student-Resident Financial Assistance Program (MSRFAP)
Manitoba Health -- Medical Licensure Program for International Medical Graduates (MLPIMG)
Newfoundland - legislation on physicians and fees
Ontario - http--www.ices.on.ca-PDFs-AtlasReports-mod2rp1.pdf
Ontario - OMA Locum Program
Ontario - Repatriation Program Additional postgrad
Ontario - Schedule of Benefits and Fees
Saskatchewan - guide on fee for service billing
Saskatchewan - HHR strategy
Saskatchewan - legislation
Saskatchewan Health - Coverage

Compliance and Investigation

A Guide to Auditing and Monitoring HIPAA Privacy Compliance
Health Care Compliance Association Index Page
Job description for the Chief Compliance Officer
Monitoring Assistance Topical Links
Office of Compliance
OGTR Monitoring and Compliance

Medical Necessity

Ann Intern Med -- Glassman et al. 126 (2) 152
CBC Radio The Current Whole Show Blow-by-Blow
CBC.ca- Canada's Online Information Source
Defining medical necessity - challenges and implications
Difficulties of Defining Medical Necessity, Health Law and Policy Institute
medical necessity verification
Regulating medical necessity

Health - General

2003 New Brunswick Liberal Team - Platform - Healthcare
AAB - Health Canada Virginia Fontaine Addictions Foundation Funding Report
Applied Research and Analysis Directorate (ARAD)- Working Paper Series
BC Bid
BC MSP - Clinical Practice Guidelines and Protocols
Board of Directors
Canada Health Portal
Canadian Health Reference Guide
Canadian Life & Health Insurance Association Inc.- Association canadienne des compagnies d'assurances de personnes inc.
Canadian Polling Firms
Canadian Society for International Health Conferences
Carleton University
CBC - Canada Votes 2004 - Analysis and Commentary - Today's Papers
CCHSE Canadian College of Health Service Executives
CHCAA - Canadian Health Care Anti-Fraud Association
CMA.CA By physicians, for physicians
CML Healthcare Inc.
Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada - Home
Conference Board - Conferences & Events April 2003
DPR 2001-2002 - Health Canada
eCMAJ -- Collected Resources Clinical Practice Guidelines
Federated Press Conferences and Courses
Fraser Institute - Information Centre - Health
Fraser Institute
Government of Ontario, Canada - Newsroom
Guardian Unlimited Talk - How can the NHS match Europe's best Our expert panel were online on Wednesday 28th May at 3pm
HC - modern comptrollership
HC Press Clips
HCCC - Health Charities Council of Canada
Health - Meeting Schedule - Horaire des réunions
Health Affairs The Policy Journal of the Health Sphere
Health and Everything
Health Canada - Accountability at Health Canada
Health Canada - Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada
Health Canada - Health Protection - Drug Products
Health Canada - Modern Comptrollership
Health Canada - Santé Canada
Health Canada AAB - Management Audits Listing
Health Care - Estimates, Plans and Performance
health knowledge
Health Law and Policy Group
Institute of Health Economics
Insurance-Canada.ca ConsumerInfo Why Private Health Insurance
Lethbridge Herald
Libraries @ Health Canada-Bibliothèques @ Santé Canada
Minutes and Evidence - Procès-verbaux et témoignages
National electronic Library for Health
National Primary Health Care Conference 2004
NB PC party
Networc Health Inc.
New Brunswick Liberal Association - Welcome
NewZealandMOH Publications - Online Publications Online Publications Contents
OECD Data Show Health Expenditures at an All-time High
Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care - Health Update - Commitment to the Future of Medicare Act, 2004
Paul Huschilt
PMPRB Reports to Parliament
Polaris Institute - Public Service Workers Project - Interhealth Canada
Protective Smart Health Plus
Publications from the New Zealand Health Information Service
Quest Diagnostics Company Information
Reader's Digest Canada - Health
Romanow vs. Kirby
RPP 2003-2004-Health Canada
RPSC - Performance Measurement
Senate - The Health of Canadians The Federal Role - Final Report
Services to Government - Library and Archives Canada
The International Health Economics Association
The Medicare Debate in Canada - Canadian Social Research Links
The New York Times - Health
UK - Delivery of Health Care
UK Department of Health
UK The government's expenditure plans departmental report 2003
Untitled Document
US Congressional Budget Office - Health Publications
US GPO Publications Access Home Page
US Health Insurance Research - MedPAC
USA Health Care Access Resolution and Campaign Home Page
Web GraFX-FX Medical
Welcome on the Website of the European Health Forum Gastein 2004, www.ehfg.org
Welcome to E-Health-Media
Wolfson Research Institute A Commentary on Labour's Health Policy

Human Resources

CCMD - Learning events
Co-op program
Collective Agreements
competitions - gathersoft collaborative services
EAC-ACR - Editors' Association of Canada
FSWEP information
General Information
Leadership Development Programs at The Banff Centre
Modernization of Human Resources Management in the Public Sector Transforming Into a Value-Based Organization
P.A. Douglas & Associates
People First Organizational Development
Publiservice Jobs - Publiservice Emplois
Publiservice Statement of Qualifications Builder Tool
Welcome to the Home Page for the Modernizing Human Resources Management Web Site

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102.1 The Edge
ABIS - Additional Benefits Information System
Action démocratique du Québec
Advancing Solutions_ The 2003 Future of Health Conference
albert wellnet
AltaVista's Babel Fish Translation Service
Auditor General Office
CCHSE Canadian College of Health Service Executives
Deber on public, private
deviantART; where ART meets application!
Dialogue on Health Reform
Directory listing of _DATA_Pangeo Press Release
Disney Golf (ps2_ (2002))
Fasken Martineau law firm
FreeTranslation.com - Free Translation from English to Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch,
GIF image 56x63 pixels
Health Canada - 2003 First Ministers' Accord on Health Care Renewal
HPME - Deber, Raisa
Manitoba Centre for Health Policy; Report Summaries
Marcel Masse speech at CCMD
McComb _ Martiniello_ Reports_ Archive
Movie-Page.com_ Scripts A-M
MTHAC - Medicare to Home and Community Research Group
Ontario Hospital Association reports
Ontario Hospital Association submissions
Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care - Feedback
Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
Policy and Advocacy - Federal Funding
Publiservice Jobs _ Publiservice Emplois
RBC Capital Markets Real Estate Group
RCMP Frauds and Scams - Business Fraud
Related Links - Canada Health Act
Specialist Clinic - Vancouver, BC
Strained Mercy - Table of Contents
The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
The Council of Canadians
The Free Pages Page
Untitled Document
Various including deber on health system
Video Signal Formats
Web hosting, domain name and email services by FortuneCity
What in, whats out paper
Yahoo! News - Health

CPP 125% rule

Cost Recovery and Charging Policy
Guide on Financial Arrangements and Funding Options - Part 2 of 2
Policy on Special Revenue Spending Authorities - Part 2 of 2

War in Iraq

Iraq Body Count _ CONTACTS and TEAM
Iraq Body Count
Iraq Peace Team
MotherJones.com _ Home
Professor Marc Herold, Ph.D. - University of New Hampshire
The Noam Chomsky Archive
washingtonpost.com - News Front


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NBC VideoSeeker
THE POCKET INTERNET - Classic Sounds Page
TV Guide Entertainment Network
Universal Studios Online
Warner Bros. Hip Clips
Welcome to WorkingForChange
What's On Now
Windfalls of War - The Center for Public Integrity
Windows Media Showcase


58. The USS Stark Incident
AlterNet Halliburton Makes a Killing on Iraq War
Atlantic Unbound Interviews 2003.05.15
Back In Iraq 2.0
CALL - Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain (MOUT)
Canada NewsWire
CBC - Nova Scotia Votes 2003
CBC the fifth estate Conspiracy Theories - Resources
CNS - Iraq Special Collection
Day of Infamy The Attack on the U.S.S. Liberty -- Free Speech, July 1997
Executive Orders - US President
http--navyrotc.mit.edu-www-navsci-NS-201-Power Point-Vincennes - Another view and summary.pdf
Humanitarian and Emergency Aid to Refugees and Other Victims of Persecution, Exile, and War
Kirk LaPointe's J-Home
Major Terroism Events and Their U.S. Outcomes
Oh Lucy! - You Gotta Lotta 'Splain' To Do
Ottawa Gas Prices - ottawagasprices.com
Ottawa Start - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Prelude to War
SEA OF LIES - USS Vincennes shootdown of Iran Air Flight 655 on July 3, 1988
The Attack on the USS Liberty
The Iraq Crisis - Timeline
The Van 46
Today's Headlines
U.S. Had Key Role in Iraq Buildup (washingtonpost.com)
Walt Disney Resorts
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VH1.com Three Days Grace Artist Main#live#live#live

Pangeo - Stockhouse posts

$120 in assets
Advice for investors - Advice Section
Associated Documents
Autodesk, Inc. - 97CV1570 - Securities Class Action Complaint
Canada NewsWire
Canada411 Find A Person Ahmad Doroudian
Canadian Business.com - Investor 500
Class Actions
Damodaran Online Home Page for Aswath Damodaran
Docken & Company The Future of Canadian Class Actions
E&Y say they wont liquidate PIL
Enforcement Section
Jugements.qc.ca - Décisions des tribunaux et organismes du Québec
La Cour Supérieure du Québec
Lexpert Deal
PanGeo Pharma About PanGeo Management Team
RSS - Robinson Sheppard Shapiro
Scarfone Hawkins LLP Contact
StockHouse Canada -- BullBoards -- cc - May 2003 part 1
StockHouse Canada -- BullBoards -- Conference call
StockHouse Canada -- BullBoards -- May 20 conference call part 2
StockHouse Canada -- BullBoards --
Torys - Lawyers
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Small Claims Court

Know Your Rights Claims Court
Ministry of the Attorney General - Small Claims Court


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Canada, House of Commons, Précis of Procedure
chomsky.info Letters & Posts
COG Ottawa Organic Food Directory 2004
ETRADE CANADA -Exchange Traded Funds
FBI - Freedom of Information Act - Historical Interest Listing
Free After Rebate - The best things in life are free
Galazar Networks - SONET-SDH Framer - Mapper solutions for Telecom and Datacom applications
Guardian Unlimited Special reports How can America get out of Iraq
Health - Environmental Health - Maintaining a Healthy Lawn - Lawn Care Providers
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IsoBuster, CD and DVD Data Recovery and Rescue tool (DVD Data Recovery)
Joe Shebib - Photo test site
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Public Service Health Care Plan - Benefits Coverage and Plan Provisions - Part 2 of 3
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Shoulder Injury and Disability
StrollerDepot.com - Baby Trend Swan Sit-N-Stand LX III Plus
Swan Sit N Stand Compact Double Stroller by Swan
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The Memory Hole 9-11 main page
The Memory Hole 9-11 Transcripts and Police Reports
The Ottawa Pennysaver Cybersaver
Welcome to Shutterfly

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2003 Report of the Auditor General of Canada - November - Chapters 3, 4 and 5 - Overall Main Points
About Royal Commissions - Index to Federal Royal Commissions
About Us Status of Women Canada
Audit Commission UK
Canada School of the Public Service - Offerings
Canadian Intergovernmental Conference Secretariat - What's New
Canadian law government legislation and crime in Canada
Echelon Communications
Good Practices Guide to Developing Evaluation Plans
Government Conference Services - Willson House
Hillwatch.com Government Relations, E-Services & Public Policy Resources
HRDC EI Internet Site - Employment Insurance Monitoring and Assessment Reports
IMRC - Records and Document Management
Learning Tree International
Managerial In-Basket Exercise 810
Modernizing Accountability Practices in the Public Sector - Part 3 of 3
NARA US National Archives & Records Administration
Page d'index - Bienvenue au Coin linguistique du gouvernement du Canada!
Parliamentary Returns - Q37
Priority Management Systems, A worldwide distributor, franchise network specializing in day planners,time management, productiv
PSAC-Universal Classification Standard
Public Accounts Meeting Schedule - Horaire des réunions
Public Service Compensation Page
Public Service Health Care Plan - Benefits Coverage and Plan Provisions - Part 3 of 3
Public Workshops in Ottawa
Rates of Pay for the Public Service of Canada
Results-based Management and Accountability Frameworks (RMAFs) - Part 2 of 7
School of Public Policy and Administration
Shared Work Descriptions
TBS Management Accountability Framework - Part 1 of 2
The Supreme Court of Canada
Train-The-Trainer - Langevin Learning Services 1-800-223-2209
Training Home
Université d'Ottawa - University of Ottawa TRAINING
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Magic School Bus
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