May 8, 1998
FIDO Customer Service

Dear FIDO,
I was really disappointed yesterday by the customer service I received. This was the third time I had to phone FIDO for service, and the third time I had to wait longer than 15 minutes to speak to someone (over 30 minutes to register).
In March 1998 I called to inquire about changing my Mastercard number, I don't know the exact date and it appears you have no record of it.
I received my May bill yesterday and it showed that you had not been able to process my April bill because of a change in my Mastercard number.
So, I called again yesterday to request changing my Mastercard number (again).
This time I was told that I would have to fill in a fax-back form. Thank you and please find it attached.
I was disappointed that I have been charged a $12.00 service fee for a clerical error on your part, I did call after my mastercard number was changed and I did leave my new card number.
I am also disappointed that I could not solve the issue over the phone, but I understand that you need to be "careful" in processing pre-authorized payments.
I was also disappointed that when I requested to speak with a supervisor (twice), I was told that none was available (6 p.m.).
I received a note from you a few weeks ago with my bill apologizing for the delays in answering customer phone calls. I believe that you have identified this as an area to address and understand that it takes time to hire and train staff. Customer service is THE most important thing your company can do to retain and gain new customers --- either I think your services are good and recommend them to my colleagues, or I think that your services are inferior and I suggest that my colleagues try another cellular phone server. At this time, I think that FIDO offers an excellent package and I recommend it to others -- please don't disappoint me and my colleagues.
Thanks for reading my note.
Joe Shebib
212 Ancaster Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario
K2B 5B3

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