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National Survey of Giving, Volunteering and Participating
Volunteers: Building a strong foundation


Economics, Sociology and Statistics (ES) 208/98 - Collective Agreement
Program and Administration Services (Table 1) 300/98 - Collective Agreement
Ontario Ministry of Health - Health Links
Ontario Ministry of Health - Health Links
Homeless - Toronto Coaliton Against Homelessness
A Renewed Vision for Canada's Health System
A Renewed Vision for Canada's Health System
Health Canada: Provincial and Territorial Home Care Programs: A Synthesis for Canada
Cabinet Directive on Law-making
The Government of Ontario
Index of Protocols
Health Canada: Krever Commission Report
English Main Page
Page d'accueil
The Facts on Milk and Dairy
TB Manual - Submissions Guide
Sandrine's Gift
[MediCanada Services]
Welcome to Health Canada - Bienvenue à Santé Canada
Canadian Health Network | Réseau Canadien de la santé
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Performance Indicators Menu
Yahoo! Health
Ontario Ministry of Health
Strengthening Health Care for Canadians: 1
Science Panel on Interactive Communication and Health (SciPICH)
Medical Licensure in Canada - Information for Graduates of Foreign Medical Schools
Health Canada - Web Catalogue
Saskatchewan Health
The Determinants of Health from a Historical Perspective
Interactive Health Communication...[Fulltext, Oct 14 JAMA. 1998;280:1264-1269] (c) AMA 1998
Konrad's Happy Faces
Human Resources
Contents of u:\clipart\medical
Removing Barriers
Health Care Delivery English
Radiation Protection - Publications
Report Number 05
Office of Health and the Information Highway

Directions for Canadian Health Care

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fgl" ADD_DATE="869688360" LAST_VISIT="874357165" LAST_MODIFIED="869688346">Stock
t.rci.b+t.fgl" ADD_DATE="872286985" LAST_VISIT="874010180"
LAST_MODIFIED="872286977">CT Market Partner Stock Quotes*ALT+ALT*DIV+ALT*EQU+EP*BAL+AGC*AGG+IVY
LAST_VISIT="874010189" LAST_MODIFIED="870468609">Mutual Funds" ADD_DATE="872631453"
LAST_VISIT="872638157" LAST_MODIFIED="872631416">Yahoo! Finance - (8) BGO.TO ...
y" ADD_DATE="873223230" LAST_VISIT="873235347"
tc&tables=pre&format=fractions" ADD_DATE="874370715" LAST_VISIT="874370706"
LAST_MODIFIED="874370706">Tripod: Stock Quotes

LAST_VISIT="873832636" LAST_MODIFIED="866766594">Joe Shebib's Work and Play Links --
March 1997
LAST_VISIT="874369438" LAST_MODIFIED="867196372">Today on Parliament Hill
LAST_VISIT="874369577" LAST_MODIFIED="870134688">EasyWeb log-in
ADD_DATE="870192666" LAST_VISIT="874369566"
LAST_MODIFIED="870192662">Publiservice - What's New
ADD_DATE="872541797" LAST_VISIT="874369794" LAST_MODIFIED="872541791">Prime
Minister's Web Site \ Publications \ News Releases
ADD_DATE="869781054" LAST_VISIT="874104940" LAST_MODIFIED="869781049">Weather
for Ottawa
LAST_VISIT="874104972" LAST_MODIFIED="869681160">The Dilbert Zone
LAST_VISIT="874369829" LAST_MODIFIED="866766537">Kiss My World Wide Butt
LAST_VISIT="874003135" LAST_MODIFIED="866838854">AltaVista Search: Main Page


.html::1?867364256" ADD_DATE="867375979" LAST_VISIT="867708777"
LAST_MODIFIED="867375971">Tripod's Homepager: HTML Editor
.html::3?867326529" ADD_DATE="867337429" LAST_VISIT="868991927"
LAST_MODIFIED="867337423">Tripod's Homepager: HTML Editor

LAST_VISIT="874370549" LAST_MODIFIED="869014002">Kiss My World Wide Butt
ADD_DATE="867337256" LAST_VISIT="874370757" LAST_MODIFIED="867337245">Tripod's
Homepager: Housekeeper
ADD_DATE="872711809" LAST_VISIT="872713785" LAST_MODIFIED="872711803">GIF
image 50x40 pixels


LAST_VISIT="869688883" LAST_MODIFIED="867346054">
LAST_VISIT="874002635" LAST_MODIFIED="867107003">The Ottawa Citizen Online - Front
ADD_DATE="866838643" LAST_VISIT="873235566" LAST_MODIFIED="866838577">THE
GLOBE AND MAIL - News Summary
LAST_MODIFIED="871320044">CNN Interactive

Shareware & Games

ADD_DATE="872188014" LAST_VISIT="872187947" LAST_MODIFIED="872187947">Spawn's
Nintendo 64
ADD_DATE="871000935" LAST_VISIT="871000603" LAST_MODIFIED="871000603">The World
of StarFox 64
ADD_DATE="871000349" LAST_VISIT="872187636"
LAST_MODIFIED="871000346">VideoGameSpot's Complete StarFox 64 Strategy Guide
ADD_DATE="869770205" LAST_VISIT="869769192" LAST_MODIFIED="869769192">Weird and
wonderful moving images
LAST_VISIT="872795913" LAST_MODIFIED="869681304">Index of
LAST_VISIT="869605959" LAST_MODIFIED="869605959">Chicago-Soft, Ltd.: WinMiser -
Windows 3.1 Memory Manager
LAST_VISIT="869614193" LAST_MODIFIED="869597299">WAD editors
LAST_VISIT="869259155" LAST_MODIFIED="869258083">Charles Tarrant's Bookmarks
LAST_VISIT="869154358" LAST_MODIFIED="869097306">Ace's Place for Games - Demos
LAST_VISIT="869096480" LAST_MODIFIED="869096480">Elenrod's Guide to Diablo
LAST_VISIT="869085328" LAST_MODIFIED="867357830">Screen Saver Heaven (A - E) Screen
Saver Screensaver Screen Savers Screensaver
LAST_VISIT="869094816" LAST_MODIFIED="867357631">Galt Recommended Internet
Shareware and Software, Internet Internet Shareware HTML Shareware
LAST_VISIT="867347575" LAST_MODIFIED="867344126">Dave Central: Graphics - Screen
Capture, Page 1
LAST_VISIT="869164356" LAST_MODIFIED="866835873">Windows Software


bin/query?pg=q&what=web&kl=XX&fmt=.&q=DCR-PC7" ADD_DATE="869262524"
LAST_VISIT="871320947" LAST_MODIFIED="869262516">AltaVista Search: Simple Query

ADD_DATE="869777459" LAST_VISIT="869777411" LAST_MODIFIED="869777411">Velbon
CX-Series Photo Tripods
LAST_VISIT="870219418" LAST_MODIFIED="869680416">The mother of all CU-SeeMe
Reflector Lists
LAST_VISIT="869266612" LAST_MODIFIED="869264045">DVC Links
ADD_DATE="869264116" LAST_VISIT="869264193"
LAST_VISIT="869263983" LAST_MODIFIED="869263983">DV Camcorders
LAST_VISIT="869262525" LAST_MODIFIED="869262525">Cameras Video Cameras Audio -
ADD_DATE="869262512" LAST_VISIT="869262819" LAST_MODIFIED="869262395">Wall-to-
Wall Silicon -- Sony DCR-PC7 Camcorder


LAST_VISIT="871504913" LAST_MODIFIED="870303543">Sinclair Imports Home Page
LAST_VISIT="872293165" LAST_MODIFIED="869681280">TBM biking site
LAST_VISIT="870109503" LAST_MODIFIED="869681267">The Siberi*inn Page
LAST_VISIT="869523667" LAST_MODIFIED="869523667">Events


set=/33d51/aaaa0065Ed51b28&NS-doc-offset=0&NS-adv-search=0&" ADD_DATE="869614608"
LAST_VISIT="869614658" LAST_MODIFIED="869614602">Quarterly Snapshot TSE price-to-
book ratios

LAST_VISIT="870216680" LAST_MODIFIED="870212945">Wright Investors' Service Company
LAST_VISIT="874370313" LAST_MODIFIED="870212564">Royal Bank Action Direct - Market
News and Quotes
ADD_DATE="870111111" LAST_VISIT="872118279" LAST_MODIFIED="870111077">Green
Line FAQ
LAST_VISIT="872288302" LAST_MODIFIED="869681240">The Gordon Pape Web Site
LAST_VISIT="869681228" LAST_MODIFIED="869681228">Welcome To Mutual Fund Direct
LAST_VISIT="869681217" LAST_MODIFIED="869681217">Altamira Investment Services Home
ADD_DATE="869681155" LAST_VISIT="870135427" LAST_MODIFIED="869681152">EasyWeb
LAST_VISIT="870213800" LAST_MODIFIED="869614456">The Financial Post
LAST_VISIT="867713967" LAST_MODIFIED="867713967">AGF Management Home Page


e_e.html" ADD_DATE="870215434" LAST_VISIT="870215423"
LAST_MODIFIED="870215423">International Economic Analyst - ES-4 - - Deployment
d_e.html" ADD_DATE="870215413" LAST_VISIT="871418181"
LAST_MODIFIED="870215373">Sr. Research & Analysis Officer - ES-4 - - Deployment

ADD_DATE="872273069" LAST_VISIT="872273106" LAST_MODIFIED="872273063">Portfolio
LAST_VISIT="872108512" LAST_MODIFIED="872108512">Link to web sites in Canada
LAST_VISIT="872618201" LAST_MODIFIED="871403530">Canadian Intergovernmental
Conference Secretariat - Conference Information
LAST_VISIT="871417701" LAST_MODIFIED="871403495">Canadian Intergovernmental
Conference Secretariat - News Release Ref: 850-061/009
LAST_VISIT="870987928" LAST_MODIFIED="870987928">A Guide to Green Government
LAST_VISIT="872616455" LAST_MODIFIED="870806069">Canadian Intergovernmental
Conference Secretariat - Secrétariat des conférences intergouvernementales canadiennes
ADD_DATE="870215365" LAST_VISIT="871418326" LAST_MODIFIED="870215311">Research
Analyst - ES-04 - $51,724 - $59,049 - Competition
ADD_DATE="869681174" LAST_VISIT="870460511" LAST_MODIFIED="869681172">CCMD
ADD_DATE="869611233" LAST_VISIT="869677851"
ADD_DATE="868900251" LAST_VISIT="874015907"
LAST_MODIFIED="868900211">Publiservice - Federal Government Institutions
LAST_VISIT="867868943" LAST_MODIFIED="867868665">Report of the Somalia Commission
of Inquiry</A>
ADD_DATE="867867403" LAST_VISIT="868992221" LAST_MODIFIED="867867323">Prime
Minister's Web Site \ Publications \ News Releases
LAST_VISIT="867370938" LAST_MODIFIED="867370938">Government Overview - Canada
LAST_VISIT="868900367" LAST_MODIFIED="867370621">Legislation -- Government Overview
- Canada Site
ADD_DATE="867270940" LAST_VISIT="872097071"



LAST_VISIT="867107353" LAST_MODIFIED="867081116">FDA/CFSAN Dietary Supplement
Health and Education Act of 1994
LAST_VISIT="867107357" LAST_MODIFIED="866851008">FDA/CFSAN Information about
Dietary Supplements
LAST_VISIT="866850411" LAST_MODIFIED="866850411">MLMLAW Law Library Statutes and
LAST_VISIT="866844046" LAST_MODIFIED="866844046">FDA/CFSAN Dietary Supplement
Health and Education Act of 1994

LAST_VISIT="872638177" LAST_MODIFIED="872635328">
ADD_DATE="872637506" LAST_VISIT="872637469" LAST_MODIFIED="872637469">Front
Page -- WSJ Interactive Edition
LAST_VISIT="872872900" LAST_MODIFIED="872637814">Yahoo! - Tejon Ranch Corp
Company News
ADD_DATE="872705901" LAST_VISIT="874105021" LAST_MODIFIED="872705891">Yahoo!
Finance - TRC
ADD_DATE="872720241" LAST_VISIT="873218727" LAST_MODIFIED="872720220">Security
APL Market Watch
LAST_VISIT="873218762" LAST_MODIFIED="872720244">CheckFree Investment Services
Quote Server
ADD_DATE="872794487" LAST_VISIT="873217655"
LAST_MODIFIED="872794475">Simutronics Games: DragonRealms
LAST_VISIT="872880437" LAST_MODIFIED="872873047">The Annual Reports Library
LAST_VISIT="872888453" LAST_MODIFIED="872888442">GIF image 430x65 pixels
LAST_MODIFIED="873398361">CNN Interactive
LAST_VISIT="873849076" LAST_MODIFIED="873832183">GIF image 180x75 pixels
LAST_VISIT="873849118" LAST_MODIFIED="873832412">http://chart.canada-
ADD_DATE="873832481" LAST_VISIT="873997704" LAST_MODIFIED="873832479">Yahoo!
Finance - SKL.TO
ADD_DATE="873832564" LAST_VISIT="873849088" LAST_MODIFIED="873832560">CNW
Releases for SECOND CUP LTD.
ADD_DATE="873933299" LAST_VISIT="873933325" LAST_MODIFIED="873933265">Re:
Conference Planning software
LAST_VISIT="874012056" LAST_MODIFIED="873996474">A Renewed Vision for Canada's
Health System
LAST_VISIT="873996474" LAST_MODIFIED="873996474">A Renewed Vision for Canada's
Health System
ADD_DATE="874003048" LAST_VISIT="874003147" LAST_MODIFIED="874003045">GIF
image 150x150 pixels
LAST_VISIT="874003138" LAST_MODIFIED="874003138">Stéphane Séguin's General Site

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Conference Board Says "Brain Drain" is Real

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Family Practice/Primary Care Informatics Newsletter / Summer 1995
The WWW VL Public Health: Selected Topics - Primary health care
Primary Care Internet Guide


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Primary care visits and health policy [CMAJ - October 6, 1998]
Learning from Experience: A Guide to Evaluating Primary Care Reform [Catalogue des publications de l'AMC / CMA Publications Catalogue]
Welcome to the Health Transition Fund - Bienvenue au Fonds pour l'adaptation des services de santé
Primary Health Care in Alberta

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Wicked Land - Marilyn Manson
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The Daily, Friday, July 30, 1999. Research and development expenditures in health
F. Batmanghelidj, M.D.
Canadian Health Services Research Foundation/La Fondation Canadienne de la recherche sur les services de santé
CFPC Home Page/Page d'accueil de CMFC
CMA Online. Canadian Medical Association (CMA). AMC En direct. Association Médicale Canadienne (AMC).
Collaborative care receives stamp of approval in CMA, CNA study involving HIV/AIDS
Quality, Appropriateness and Effectiveness 
Canada's Health System
Welcome to the Liberal Party of Canada
Welcome - University of Ottawa Institute of Palliative Care
Presentation web
Voluntary Sector Roundtable/La Table ronde du secteur bénévole
Paragon Conferences - 3rd International Conference on the Scientific Basis of Health Services: Closing the Loop
ABC of Palliative Care
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Is fee-for-service on the way out for Ontario FPs? [CMAJ - October 5, 1999]
Speech from the Throne 1999 / Discours du Trône 1999
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The Determinants of Health from a Historical Perspective
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Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care
British Columbia Health Industries Network HINET
Health Canada : Speech on Good Health and Quality Care...Moving Forward Together (Allan Rock, 17 Feb 1999)
Primary Care: America's Health in a New Era
Les Traductions Houle inc. Translation services
Mental Health of the Canadian Population: A Comprehensive Analysis - CDIC Vol. 20-3
Gerontology, Aging, Health and Society at McMaster University
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About Health Canada
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