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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Mario and Leonardo don't mind winter, snow or cold - it is the snowsuits they hate!!!

February 25, 2004
Mario celebrated his party - actual party was on Feb 28. 

Mario's birthday pictures are here.

January 30, 2004
Mario lost his first tooth this week. Claudia has gone to Italy and I have been looking after the boys.  We are going to Toronto to see Zoobomafoo!
From the January 14, 2004 Ottawa Sun:
Searching my dial, I was extremely frustrated Saturday -- where's my music station? I was very sorry to read about the cancellation of 101.1 Xfm.

Xfm played a big role in our community. I was always impressed by its charity, contests and local activities. Rogers might be surprised to hear that their station was listened to by many outside the 18-24 age bracket.

As a 38-year-old parent, I always enjoyed listening to the "new" songs on Xfm, as did my two children. We will now turn back to CKCU and wait until someone returns to fill the major hole in the Ottawa radio market for new alternative rock. We don't all want to hear the recycled music of yesterday.

Joe Shebib

(You have company -- whether it's enough to keep a radio station afloat is another matter ...)