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1999 Report of the Auditor General of Canada - November - Chapter 23
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a -- Yahoo! Finance - (3) NN ... ALA
baby - Yahoo! Health - kidshealth
Bank of Canada Exchange Rate Converter
bike - Bicyclettes Tranquille et Sports
bike - Marzocchi 2000
Boursorama - ALCATEL
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Canada Employment and Immigration Union
Canada Gazette Gazette du Canada
Canadian way - initiatives
capiltal alliance
CCMD - ArmchairLearning Events
CIO Canada Information Office - Home Page
Committee Site - Site de comité
Consider This A FILTER Page
consulting and audit canada
CPP - 1998 Report of the Auditor General of Canada - April - Chapter 6
Demo games - Gigex Top 50
Demo Planet - The Planet's Best Demos
Deployment, Policy on
ee Specialized Publications
Employment Insurance Jurisprudence Library - Bibliothèque de la jurisprudence sur l'assurance emploi
Federal Support for Health in Canada
Finance Canada
FIN-TB InfoSite
Fin-TBS InfoSite Main Menu
FORD-Q Bienvenue Développement Economique Canada - Welcome to Canada Economic Development
G&C - 1998 Report of the Auditor General of Canada - December - Chapter 27
games - Lycos
GOL - Start Page - English
Government of Canada Directory
graphics - The Graphic Station (The Icon Depot)
Guide to HRDC Human Resources Investment
Hansard Debates of the House of Commons of Canada (Hansard)
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Holy Cross Cemetery
How Government Works - Chapter 3
HRDC - EAPD Social Development Programs - Human Resources Developpement Canada (HRDC)
HRDC - Evaluation of the Labour-Management Partnerships Program (LMPP) - Final Report
HRDC - ISP - Old Age Security and Canada Pension Plan
HRDC - public accounts
HRDC - Reviews and audits conducted by HRDC's Internal Audit Bureau covering the period from October 1998 to December 1999
HRDC accountability for shared social programs - Report 1 Public Accounts
HRDC Audited Projects
HRDC Business Plans
HRDC Evaluation Reports Index
HRDC Using Science and Technology to Better Serve Canadians
Making Career Sense of Labour Market Information - Contents
MERX English Home Page
mp3 that works
Mp3 Universal
music - Amazon.com buying info The Complete Columbia Recordings [BOX SET]
mykidsbenefit.com - Home
National Post Online
OECD Maintaining Prosperity in an Ageing Society
Operating Budgets, Manager's Guide to
Ottawa Computer Products Computers
Ottawa Gas Prices - ottawagasprices.com
Outdoor Explorer Games - Free Video Games, Free Trivia, Win Big!
Parliamentary HRDCCommittee Site - Site de comité
pay manual
personal - Build My Site - 20m Free Web Space(tm)
personal - damage manual
personal - My Member Area - 20m Free Web Space(tm)
Poison Spider Bikes - 1-613-562-1344 - The Unified Cycling Solution!
Program Analyst Survival Guide
Program Analysts Boot Camp Evalluation
PTI StockHouse Canada -- BullBoards --
Public Accounts - Receiver General
Publiservice Main menu
radio - CBC Ottawa Gateway
Radio Station Guide
RealPlayer Home Page
Results & Performance Database and Information Services
Review, Internal Audit and Evaluation - Policies and Publications
Stock watch -- shows momentum
sun office
Table of Contents - The Supply Manual [SOSB-PWGSC]
TB contacts
TB Submissions Guide - Policies and Publications
TBS - Acts and Regulations
tbs - Comptrollership - Policies and Publications
tbs - results for canadians Q&A
TBS - Search news
tbs - Special Revenue Spending Authorities, Policy on - II
tbs house card = http--intranet-infosite-tools-writing-data-guide_qp_cards_e.doc
TBS policy on transfer paymentshttp--www.tbs-sct.gc.ca-Pubs_pol-dcgpubs-TBM_142-dwnld-ptp_e.rtf
The Globe and Mail
The Ottawa Citizen Online - Your Gateway to the Internet, Ottawa's one-stop site for local news and information.
The Ottawa Pennysaver
Third way -- Initiatives
Treasury Board Secretariat - Sub-sites
Treasury Board Secretariat
tv - Epress.ca
tv - Welcome to CPAC On Line - Bienvenue ˆ CPAC en ligne
TV Watch Live internet TV broadcasts.
US income inequality Pulling Apart State-by-State Analysis of Income Trends - Press Release 1-18-00
Web Events
Yahoo! Full CoverageFeds Admit to Sloppy Grant Giving
Yahoo! News Business Reuters
Portfolio - Personal Fundlist Search
Welcome to HRDC / Bienvenue au DRHC
Joe Shebib's Bookmarks
Welcome page/Page de Bienvenue
Welcome to the CPP Investment Board Web Site
MoneySense: A Canadian personal finance magazine
FM Ottawa Radio - Continuous Music, News, Traffic & Weather
ClearStation : Details : DELL
2000 Report of the Auditor General of Canada
Search for Real Estate in Ottawa-Carleton and Renfrew County
Joe Burpee - Résumé
Gary's Pictures
Major Work Files
Alphabet - Free Downloads
InfoQuotes - Extended Trading
Risk Management for Canada and Canadians: Report of the ADM Working Group on Risk Management
Stock Today
PanGeo Pharma Inc. Information
Game Revolution Playstation Reviews
Active Buyer's Guide
Pioneer Elite PRO-610HD
Headliner / En Bref -- user name is nellisl and the password is hrdc88
Index of /mp3s
CBC.CA - Election 2000
HOB.com - Upcoming Cybercast for CMJ Music Marathon
2001 Toy Report - The Canadian Toy Testing Council
SSInvestor.com Equity Research: Dell Computer
Performance Report - For the Period Ending March 31, 1999, Appendices
Standing Committee on Public Accounts - Report 20 - The Management of the Social Insurance Number
Standing Committee on Public Accounts - Report 20 - The Management of the Social Insurance Number
Netscape Products: Full Installer
EasyWeb customer login
graphics - Welcome to The Icon Bank!
Internal Audit Bureau
Outlet Site
Welcome To PanGeo Pharma Inc.
Fin/TBS InfoSite Main Menu
My Yahoo! for jshebib
GRL Communications & MONITOR Magazine
Capital Gains & Losses - 2000 Tax Year
Capital Gains & Losses - 2000 Tax Year
Social Security Online
Working Ventures Canadian Fund
PRI - Growth, Human Development and Social Cohesion Report
Securing the future of Canadian youth:
Texas Strategic Planning Template: An Overview
Purpose of the Strategic Plan
Economic and Fiscal Policy Branch - Finance
StockHouse Canada -- BullBoards --
What are the steps for birth registration?
mpact of Federal Income Tax Cuts on Families and Individuals - Update (January 1st 2001 Tax Cuts)
National Council of Welfare
Free Coloring Pages Print and color pictures and Christmas coloring pages for kids!
Yahoo! Finance
PanGeo Pharma :: Investor Relations :: News Releases
Pokemon Coloring Album One
Analytical Studies Branch research paper series
Canadian Policy Research Network-- CPRN
Deja.com: Forum
Statistical Report on the Health of Canadians (1999)
Epidemiology of Health Care: Week 2
Social Statistics and Facts from the CCSD
Statistical report on the health of Canadians
Statistics Canada: Health Indicators - Table of Contents
Health Care in Canada 2000: A First Annual Report
Why Medicare Must Be Defended
bmj.com Kawachi and Kennedy 314 (7086): 1037
Measuring Social Well-Being: An Index of Social Health for Canada, Human Resources Development Canada
CNET.com - Hardware - Handhelds - Without Keyboard - Franklin Rex Pro
Future Shop Web Store

Treasury Board

Welcome Page of the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat / Page de Bienvenue du Secrétariat du Conseil du Trésor du Canada
Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat Departmental Performance Report for the period ending March 31, 2000
Managing for Results 2000

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Selected Media Sources
Joe Shebib's Bookmarks
Treasury Board Accounting Standard 3.2 - Transfer Payments (Grants and Contributions) - II
National Capital Mountain Bike Association
2000 - Our Programs and Services
Backgrounder: Modernization of Benefits and Obligations
Management of Public Sector programmes / programs
Youth Resource Network of Canada / Rés eau d'information jeunesse du Canada
BILL C-23 - As passed by the House of Commons
OCRT - Office of the Commissioner of Review Tribunals - Home Page
Language Training, Policy on
Staffing of Bilingual Positions, Policy on the
homepagestudio - freeformeditor
OSFI - Office of the Chief Actuary - Actuarial Reports
Canada's Pension System: Safe and Strong, January 5,2000, Ottawa, Ont. Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC)
List of publications
Investing in Children & Families (List of research Papers), Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC)
ARB Books, Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC)
e-Team Canada | Electronic Commerce Task Force
UK online: Citizen Portal home page
The Self-Sufficiency Project at 36 Months: Effects of a Financial Work Incentive on Employment and Income, Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC)
Skill Requirements in the Knowledge-Based Economy and Society (List of research Papers), Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC)
OSFI - Office of the Chief Actuary - Actuarial Reports
Health and Income Equity
Where can I learn more about the determinants of health?
ISUMA : Monica Townson, Health and Wealth: How Social and Economic Factors Affect our Well Being
Division of Public Health Practice : Publications
Family Network Publications
Competing Realities : The Boreal Forest at Risk - Appendices
Expenditure Management Submissions - Submissions Guide
Quality End-of-Life Care: The Right of Every Canadian

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