2000 Mountain Bike Races - Ontario, Canada and United States
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2000 Canadian Mountain Bike Races/
2000 American Mountain Bike Races/
2000 Ontario Mountain Bike Races

Tim Horton's National Cross Country are July 21-23th at Camp Fortune. National Race Information, Registration, etc.
Updated on June 23,2000 -- Shorter, Faster and not a bunch of stupid graphics : )

** warning ** hey, this information may be out of date/wrong - please contact the sponsor and check their web site before heading to the race ** warning **
Monthly Races
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  Breaking News! Sportables has their "Sunset Series" races every two weeks at Camp Fortune starting June 2. Kundstadt has a race series in Kanata Lakes every two weeks starting May 17 (8 races) in City of Kanata
Tim Horton's National Cross Country are July 21-23th at Camp Fortune. National Race Information, Registration, etc.
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4-5 Mar,Points,MTB Super Cross Bicycle Show,Adam Ruppel,905-852-7626,Chico Racing
4-5-6 Mar, Bike Show
26-Mar,Citizens,Gary Fisher Enduro Cup #1,Eric Orschel,905-852-5544,BikeNXS


2-Apr,Points,Hilton Falls Time Trial,Conservation,Halton,905-336-1158x248
9-Apr,Citizens,Bethany,Ron Martyn,905-986-0959,Alpha
9-Apr,Citizens,Paris-Ancaster,Tim Farrar,905-829-4251
15-Apr,Citizens,Northern Knarly Charly, Greenwood,Eric Orschel,905-852-5544,BikeNXS
16-Apr,Points,Northern Knarly Charly, Greenwood,Eric Orschel,905-852-5544,BikeNXS
29-Apr,DH,O-Cup # 1,Adam Ruppel,905-852-0381,Chico Racing
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6-May,DH,O-Cup # 2 Horseshoe Valley,Glenn Meeuwisse,(705) 487-3775,Hardwood Hills
7-May,XC,O-Cup # 2 Horseshoe Valley,Glenn Meeuwisse,(705) 487-3775,Hardwood Hills
13-May,Citizens,MTB Demo Day,Glenn Meeuwisse,(705) 487-3775,Hardwood Hills
14-May,Citizens,Claremont,Eric Orschel,905-852-5544,BikeNXS
14-May,Points,Mansfield Spring Fling,Mansfield Outdoor Center, 705-435-4479
14-May,Citizens,event pending,Tim Farrar,905-829-4251
20-May,DH,Canada Cup DH # 1 Camp Fortune,Peter Sudermann,(819) 827-3893
21-May,E2 XC,24 Hrs at Mansfield,WOW,905-567-7593
22-May,Citizens,24 Hrs at Mansfield,WOW
22-May,Citizens,Alpha Racing-Bethany,Ron Martyn,905-986-0959,Alpha
26-May,CCA,MTB Devel Camp to June 4th,CCA
27-May,DH,Canada Cup & 0-Cup DH # 3, HH,Glenn Meeuwisse,(705) 487-3775,Hardwood Hills
28-May,XC,Canada Cup XC #1 & 0-Cup # 3,HH


2-Jun,Citizens,Ontario High School Championships,Glenn Meeuwisse,(705) 487-3775,Hardwood,Hills
3-Jun, XC,DH,DL,World Championships Sierra,Nevada,UCI
4-Jun,Citizens,Gary Fisher Enduro Cup-Dagmar Derailleur Destroyer,Adam Ruppel,905-852-0381,Chico Racing
10-Jun,DH,O-Cup #4 Mansfield,WOW,905-567-7593
17-Jun,Citizens,Albion Hills,Halton,905-877-1724
17-Jun,DH,Canada Cup DH # 3 Mont Tremblant,Luc Dubois,(819) 425-8752
18-Jun,XC,Canada Cup XC # 2 Mont Tremblant
18-Jun,Citizens,Alpha Racing-Bethany,Ron Martyn,905-986-0959,Alpha
24-Jun,DH, DL,World Cup # 3 Mont Ste. Anne ,Gestev Inc.,(418) 827-1122
24-Jun,Citizens,Gears Racing 24 Hrs Summer Solstice, Albion Hills,Adam Ruppel,905-852-0381,Chico Racing
25-Jun,Citizens,Gears Racing 24 Hrs Summer Solstice, Albion Hills,Adam Ruppel,905-852-0381
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1-Jul,Citizens,Kokanee 12 & 24 HR Adrenalin Relay Race, TBA,Stuart Dorlan,(905) 944-9436,Trilife
2-Jul,Citizens,Kokanee 12 & 24 HR Adrenalin Relay Race, TBA,Stuart Dorlan,905) 944-9436,Trilife
8-Jul,XC,World Cup XC # 7, Canmore,Aaron McConnell,(403) 678-1635
8-Jul,DH,O-Cup # 5 Chicopee Kitchener,Keith Peck,519-576-9044,Ziggy's
9-Jul,XC,O-Cup # 5 Chicopee Kitchener,Keith Peck,519-576-9044,Ziggy's
15-Jul,XC,Canada Cup # 3 Buffalo Pound PP, Sask.,Colby Large,(306) 692-0477
15-Jul,Road,National Champ. Peterbourough,Intersports Inc.,(705) 939-2828
22-Jul,0-Cup # 6
23-Jul Kelso, WOW,905-567-7593
29-Jul XC,DH,DS,Tim Horton National Championships


5-Aug,XC,Canada Cup XC # 5, Canmore,Aaron McConnell,(403) 678-1635
6-Aug,XC,Canada Cup XC # 5, Canmore
6-Aug,Citizens,Alpha Racing,Ron Martyn,905-986-0959,Alpha
7-Aug,Citizens,Alpha Racing,Ron Martyn,905-986-0959,Alpha
12-Aug,DH,Canada Cup DH # 4, Silver Star,Peter Dorey,(250) 542-0224
13-Aug,XC,Canada Cup XC # 5, Silver Star
13-Aug,Citizens,Gary Fisher Enduro Cup-Ganaraska,Gear Grinder,Adam Ruppel,905-852-0381,Chico Racing
19-Aug,DH,Canda Cup DH # 5 Finals, Kamloops,Henry Pejril,(250) 828-2767
19-Aug,Citizens,Kokanee 24HR Relay Race, Hardwood Hills,Trilife,(905) 944-9436
26-Aug,DH,O-Cup # 7 Provincial Championships,Dagmar,(905) 852-0381
27-Aug,XC,Dagmar,Adam Ruppel,905-852-0381,Chico Racing
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2-Sep,XC,Master World Championships, Bromont ,Richard Deslandes,(450) 534-2453
3-Sep,Citizens,Alpha Racing,Ron Martyn, 905-986-0959,Alpha
10-Sep,Citizens,Gary Fisher Enduro Cup Final - Durham Durango,Eric Orschel,905-852-5544,BikeNXS
10-Sep, Citizens,Paris 8Hr Team Relay for MS,Brantford,Cyclepath CC,519-753-3716
16-Sep,DH, XC,Olympic Games, Sydney Aust.
16-Sep,Citizens,Haliburton Forest,WOW,905-567-7593
17-Sep,Points,Haliburton Forest,WOW,905-567-7593
17-Sep,Citizens,Hardwood Raid,Glenn Meeuwisse,(705) 487-3775 Hardwood Hills
24-Sep,Citizens,Downs Syndrom 8 Hr Relay Pleasure Valley,Terry Porter,905-640-6657
24-Sep,Citizens,Paul's Dirty Enduro, Ganaraska Forest Centre, ,Rob Cox,905-797-3246
30-Sep,Sporting Goods Bike Show


1-Oct,Citizens,Bike NXS Season Finale, Durham Forest,Eric Orschel,905-852-5544,BikeNXS
8-Oct,Points,Ziggy's Oktoberfest, Homer Watson, & Cyclo-X,Keith Peck,519-576-9044
14-Oct,Citizens,Dark Night, tba,Adam Ruppel,905-852-0381
22-Oct,Citizens,Alpha Race, Bethany,Ron Martyn,905-986-0959
28-Oct,Citizens,Haunted Night Race and Tour,WOW,905-567-7593

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  Ontario Cup Races

#1 29-30 April DH+XC O-Cup # 1, Superfly Skyloft, Uxbridge
#2 6-7 May DH+XC O-Cup # 2, Horseshoe Valley Barrie / Orillia
#3 27-28 May DH+XC O-Cup # 3, Canada Cup, Hardwood Hills Barrie / Orillia
#4 10-11 June DH+XC Ontario Cup # 4 Mansfield
#5 8-9 July DH+XC O-Cup#5, Ziggy's Hot Summer Classic Chicopee, Kitchener
#6 29-30 July DH+XC Ontario Cup # 6 Kelso Conservation Area, Milton
#7 26-27 August DH+XC Ontario Provincial Championships Dagmar, Uxbridge

  Canada Cup Races

  • 2000 Canada Cup Races - link to their home site

  •   AMBC Race Events (United States)


      World Cup Race Events (International)

  • Norba race schedule press release
  • News for US races
  • 2000 World Cup Races
  • 2000 World Cup in Napa, California
  • 2000 Olympics
  • 2000 Olympics - Mountain Biking information
    2000 Chevy Trucks NORBA National Championship Series
    May 19-21: Snow Summit, Calif.
    June 23-25: Mount Snow, Vt. (revised)
    July 28-30: Deer Valley, Utah
    Aug. 4-6: Crystal Mountain, Wash.
    Sept. 8-10: Mammoth Mountain, Calif. (Finals)
    2000 UCI World Cup Schedule
    March 25-26	XC #1	Napa, Calif.
    April 1-2	XC #2	Mazatlan, Mexico
    April 29-30	XC #3	Houffalize, Belgium
    May 6-7	XC #4	St. Wendel, Germany
    May 13-14	XC #5	Sarentino, Italy
    May 20-21	DH/DL #1	Les Gets, France
    May 27-28	DH/DL #2	Cortina, Italy
    June 2-3	DH/DL #3	Maribor, Slovenia
    July 1-2	XC#6/DH/DL #4	Mont-Sainte-Anne, Quebec, Canada
    July 8-9	XC #7	Canmore, Alberta, Canada
    July 15-16	DH/DL #5	Vail, Colo.
    July 22-23	DH/DL #6	Arai, Japan
    Aug. 12-13	DH/DL #7	Kaprun, Austria
    Aug. 26-27	DH/DL #8	Leysin, Switzerland
    Sept. 2-3	XC #8	Lausanne, Switzerland

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