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Program Analysts

Until the Program Analyst Survival Guide is revised, following is a list of useful reference material by topic.

English Document French Document


1. Treasury Board Secretariat


2. TBS Management

3. Governance and Government Decision-Making


4. Cabinet Committees

Sample Template for General Briefing Note English French

5. Business Planning

Renewed Approach 1999-2000

(with enclosures) – February 11, 1999

Background for 1998-99 cycle

6. Crown Corporations

7. The Supply Process

Guidelines on Performance Reports English French

8. TB Submissions

(Currently available in printed format)

For a personalized briefing session, contact Thérèse Fredette at 957-0564

  1. template (sample
  2. Key features of a precis:

  3. recommendation codes/classifying a submission
  4. wording used on TB Agenda – use proper terminology in Summary Box, Cost and Source of Funds and Recommendation
  5. decision codes
  1. Sample Decision Letter and Submission Detail Form
  2. TB Vote 5 – Steps to follow
  3. TB Vote 5 – Sample Decision Letter, Extract and Allotment Print-out