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Joe Shebib's Home Pages updated August 15, 1996

Surfin' Spud

Ottawa-Ontario Bike Races - DATES OF RACES
Canadian Mountain Biking Links Page (AND MORE!!)
Monoxides home page
official Monoxides home page
Butts on the web
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Ottawa and area Mountain Bike Races

This information has been redone in table format and is now available at the following address... mtb race dates

Listed of races by DATE, good luck making them all

Sorry, no races right now. It is winter. go to the top of this page

Canadian Mountain Biking Links Page

  1. Mont Tremblant Events
  2. Mountain Biking in Quebec
  3. Almonte Bicycle Club Home Page
  4. Sportable Sunset Series
  5. vo2max racing and sports information - includes info on the Sportable Sunset Series
    Location: Ottawa-Hull, Camp Fortune
    Dates: June 5,19, July 3, 17, 31, August 14, 28
    Time: 6:30 p.m. all races
    Length: 15km Race and M.E.C. 5km Tour
    Fees: $10 + gst per event, or, $50 + gst for series
    Special: free t-shirt if you register for series
    Contact: Sportable at 745-3444 or

  6. 1996 Olympics - Mountain Biking Race and Results for July 30th race
  7. ESPN mountain biking results at Olympics
  8. National Sports Exchange
  9. Canadian Cyclist Website
  10. TriLife official homepage
  11. Ontario Mountain Biking - excellent info
  12. Extreme mountain biking info and race dates -- extreme info
  13. Metro Toronto Police Mountain Bike Club - check it out!
  14. Sheldon's Manitoba Mountain Biking Page
  16. OBC The Ottawa Bike Club

More Mountain Biking Links

  1. PRO*FLEX/GIVEN -- check out the specs on my new bike -- THE ANIMAL
  2. Mountain Bike Races across North America
  3. MuDSLuTs PiX
  4. Gearhead Magazine
  5. Mountain Bike UK
  6. VeloLinq
  7. BikePro
  8. MTB Product Reviews
  9. Racing
  10. International Bike Show
  11. Mountain Biking
  12. Other sources of cycling info on the net
  13. Cycling
  14. Cannondale Bikes
  15. Specialized Bikes
  16. Spinergy
  17. GT Bikes
  18. Haro Bikes
  19. KHS bikes
  20. Marin bikes
  21. VooDoo bikes
  22. Women's biking association
  23. Racing Results gopher
  24. Big Ring more links
  25. Internations Links
  26. Velonet information on biking
  27. Velonews interzine
  28. Crank interzine
  29. Beetle's mtb
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*the Monoxides* official home page aka Holmes'home

*the Monoxides* "out of the marsh"
1. sometimes
2. i've got an idea
3. pogo boy
4. walk away
5. chad
1995 R-Soul Music Inc (SOCAN)
produced by *the Monoxides*

*the Monoxides* band members
steve - rhythm guitar, vocals
Derek - lead guitar, backing vocals
P.J. - bass guitar
Ken - drumkit

*the Monoxides* contact
*the Monoxides* international
aka. SUPERBOB *records*
1580 Ryan Street
Moncton, N.B. E1C 8Z4

*the Monoxides* management
Jodie Ferneyhough/the alternative management group
box 72072
1562 Danforth Ave
Toronto, Ontario M4J 5C1

*the Monoxides* record label
Handsome Boy Records
181 Clinton Street
Toronto, Ontario M6G 2Y4

BUY this cd at Sam the Record Man

First, let me say that if the 5 track cd costs you more than $15 tell Sam the Record Man that they are REALLY ripping you off. The retail price for this CD should not be more than $12.00

The Monoxides are a four guy group from Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. I am going to post more history on them , a list of their releases -- mostly tapes and one 7 inch single, list of upcoming shows, and show reviews.

Monoxides on Much Music, MuchEast on Sunday, October 15th with galactic premier of video "Got an Idea".
I have seen the Monoxides at the following shows:

- Ottawa, The Pit
- Ottawa, Arts Court
- Toronto, Queens' St bar
- Toronto, that other place
- Toronto Skydome, Hardrock Cafe
- Montreal, that shit bar place Bar Lazar=> we got lost
=>Ottawa, the pit on October 20th, 1995 ==> it rocked

  1. ice cream
  2. pogo
  3. chad
  4. super
  5. WAHC
  6. idea
  7. phantom racer
  8. under tow
Monoxides videos

Live video have been taken at The Pit (set list) and in Montreal at that shit bar place Bar Lazar(set list).

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World Wide Butts

Unfortunately, I am not currently allowed to post a picture of my butt on the internet. However, given the resources (a picture and a scanner) I will most certainly do so -- in glorious color.
Here are a few links to other butt pages:

  1. Butt-Head and Beavis
  2. Butt Smoking
  3. Butt History
  4. Butt Sketch
  5. Butt sentences
  6. Butt Stuff - Rectal Foreign bodies
  7. Butt Fuzz
  8. Butt CD-rom
  9. Butt Fishing
  10. Bad Ass Coffee
  11. Butt -- Dan's
  12. big ass truck
  13. Butt's county, usa

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  1. Health Canada
  2. health statistics


  3. paranoid?
  4. mb
  5. Ed McMullen
  6. DilbertZone


  7. Ottawa Weather


  8. nin
  9. ministry
  10. Monoxides

    Searching the Net

  11. Lycos
  12. Opentext
  13. Canadian Server List
  14. Ottawa sites


  15. Vegetarian


  16. COREL
  17. WINE - recipes and info
  19. Planet Hollywood - Great company and great good - links to come
  20. ARTmart

    Shareware Games

  22. Windows GAMES
  23. Window Games
  24. Shareware!
  25. Jumbo! - Shareware!
  26. Windows SOFTWARE

    Investing and Stocks

  27. US Stock Information.
  28. Stock Quotes
  29. Yahoo
  30. Charts
  31. Prices
  32. Nesbitt Burns
  33. US Investor Page
  34. Canada Financial Pages
  35. KPMG Online

    Business News

  36. Business and World News
  38. New York Times


  39. Planets
  40. UFO Resources
  41. The X-Files

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Happiness in slavery.
This internet page is dedicated to my dad, Gerald Fergella Shebib, 1940-1990

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You can e-mail Joe Shebib at
located somewhere in Ottawa, the capital of Canada.

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