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  Grants and Contributions
- Greg Dorey 953-2241
- Jodi Grimes 994-2419

BN on 1999 audit based upon release by HRDC
french BN on 1999 audit
BN on 1991/1994 audits
Backgrounder on 1991/1994/1999 audits
G&C audit - Jan. 26-27

Final TB submission
Final draft TB submission
Final draft TB submission - business case
Final draft TB submission - appendix
Final draft TB submission - précis

  Information Technology -- Systems

final tb submission
decision letter

  Year 2000

  Income Security Programs

Contact: Frank Caesar 957-3119
final tbs omnibus submission - follow-up to 825762
Request for new funding - drafts as of October 2000


Contact: Monique Lamoureux (HRDC) 997-5264
Carole Logan (HRDC) 997-6510
Sherry Harrison (HRDC) 994-2310
Mary Odorico (TBS) 946-4667
Jo-Anne Munro (TBS) 957-0567

PRAS submission
PRAS document
Decision Letter

  Seniors and Aging

  Service Delivery

  Response to HRDC Standing Committee

Contacts: HRDC:
- Ernie Manicom 994-8314 *pen* (or Llyod Branch, Doug Matheson)
- Sherry Harrison 994-2310 *TBS contact*

working draft/overview


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    FIS accounting policy for G&C

  11. Review, Evaluation and Audit

TB policy on evaluation

TB policy on internal audit

International - UK report on audits and accountability

1. Clerk of the Privy Council Office

Speech to ADM Forum has not posted on web. Some speeches are posted at:



2. Alberta Accountability/Performance

Overview of Alberta Government ">here

Alberta Health's Accountability Framework here

Measuring Performance Publications here

1) Guide on Measuring Performance first guide here

2) Updated Guide on Measuring Performance updated guide here

3. Ontario Accountability/Performance

Municipal reporting/accountability municipal here

Departmental business plans/performance departmental here

4. Auditor General - Audit Criteria for the Assessment of the Fairness and Reliability of Performance Information/ Critères d'évaluation de la justesse et la fiabilité de l'information sur le rendement

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